We’re riding on the freeway…..

Do you ever look at the other cars around you on the freeway and make up stories in your head about the driver and the life they are heading home to?  I do.

If it’s an SUV with ski racks, I assume it’s a single guy who makes decent money heading home to his 1 bedroom overpriced condo with granite countertops in the kitchen he never cooks in.  If it’s a mini van?  A mother of more than one child who has a heavily used Costco card in her wallet and a case of water or juice boxes behind the backseat, heading to pick up her kids and their friends from soccer.  A red sports car?  An older man with a tiny penis.  A lifted truck with no side step installed for us short women? A younger man with a tiny penis.  A Prius?  A 40-something democrat who wears Birkenstocks and use’s Natural Tom’s of Maine deodorant, which we all know never works.   😉

Cars go by us every day and I have to wonder what story is played out about me?  My poor Dodge Intrepid used to be much more beee-you-tee-ful but now she’s tired and the clear coat on her paint has decided it would rather be somewhere else and don’t even get me started on the mechanical things that have me white knuckled to and from work every day…..oh no.  Would people say “There goes a person who has had so many fun times that her car can’t keep up with her anymore”?  That’s the truth, but somehow I doubt, as they sit there in traffic on the I-5 North, that this is what they are thinking when they glance over.

We are all cars in traffic.  We appear differently depending on perception.  What matters most are the other cars in our driveway; the other cars we convoy with as we head on down this road of life.  Our real friends know us.   Some days we hit the highway with the pedal to the metal, and some days we nurse it home.  Defensive driving keeps us safe, and good maintenance keeps us healthy.  A wise mechanic once told me “Diana, you gotta take the car out sometimes and just haul ass……get those fuel injectors working. You can’t drive around town like a Grandma and expect the car to have a good long life.”    Wise.


About Diana F

California girl who never imagines she would decide to start her life all over again at this stage of her life but I just know it's going to be epic.
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2 Responses to We’re riding on the freeway…..

  1. I love your analogy and love the way you write! Keep blogging!

  2. loved both posts Aunt Di:)

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