But Mom, I’m A Dawg

For 5 years, I have had a sweet little boy of a dog named Vince.   He is a Maltipoo; half Maltese and half Poodle. He doesn’t shed, so he is awesome for people with allergies, but he does need to be groomed/shaved regularly or he gets a little cranky. I think it’s partly due to the fact that at some point, everything he sees is through a veil of white fuzzy hair.  Poor guy.  I figure if I can’t see his eyes, he can’t see me, but who knows.

Yeah, it’s time to a trip to the groomer…..I know, I know.  He tries to use his words to tell me it’s time, he does.

Vince has a girlfriend named Molly.  We got her a year ago and she is my daughter’s baby.  Kaitlin actually tells people she birthed her. 🙂  Molly weighs all of 5 pounds but she is 5 pounds of mighty girl dog.  She pretends to lift her leg to “pee” on Vince’s head when he won’t get up and play with her, and she loves to look at herself in the mirror.

These photos were taken in the backyard here at the new place.  Molly loves the sunshine and the dogs have a dog door here.  Vince has lived his whole life up to this point at a house with a cat, and the cat was never allowed to go outside.  All of the residents of said house took turns every hour and half/two hours letting these dogs  in and out to go the bathroom.  The backyard there was not very dog friendly.  It had cactus, and places they could hide that were full of spider webs.   Molly also figured out that she was tiny enough to squeeze under the side gate, so we could never really let the dogs relax and play in the backyard.

At our new place, it took awhile for the dogs to figure out it was ok to go outside via the dog door without someone taking them.  Well, now that they have figured it out, it’s been so cool!  Both dogs still hate to go out when it’s wet…..little primadonnas…..and Vince is so lazy he will drop a poo on his way from the door to the grass…but otherwise it’s the perfect little dog backyard.

Our lot has two homes on it, and the lady who rents the back house has 2 big dogs.  It never really was an issue but now the landlord has fenced in her front yard and she lets them out all day while she is at work.  Her front yard is attached to my backyard, and the dogs zone in on that fence, sniffing through the slats at each other, tails wagging, doggie stuff….I get it.

I came home the other night, and Vince comes walking in. His white face is covered in dirt from his nose down….wet, brown, disgusting.  He is wagging his tail and I think “oh no, what has he gotten into!”.  I drop my purse and bolt outside.

Vince and Molly have decided they want to play with the neighbors dogs, so they have started to dig underneath the fence.  I freak out.  Not because they dug.  Heck, I was almost proud thinking “my boy dug his first hole!” 🙂  It was about time he did something a real dog does, instead of sitting up on the sofa like a people…..like some guy I might date. <grin>  I swear, sometimes I think all he needs is a beer and the remote.

No, my big fear is Molly escaping.  Both dogs have lo-jack surgically implanted, but still…..the thought of either one of them being out in the cold, cruel world without Mom is unbearable to me.  Vince looks up at me, and through all that hair, I swear I can hear “But Mom, I’m a dawg!”.  Awwww Vinny.

Girls being girls, we did the only thing we could think of……pretty impressive eh?

We can lay on the ground. It’s ok.


About Diana F

California girl who never imagines she would decide to start her life all over again at this stage of her life but I just know it's going to be epic.
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