The Game of Life

Lately, but today more so than any other day recently, I witness the struggles of people around me.  I see it in their body language. I hear it in their words.  My heart goes out to them and I wonder what can I possibly do to help guide them to a new state of awareness….to a new “happy place”.   I’m no expert.  No way.  I have low, low days.    If you cut me, I bleed!   What I feel from them isn’t the occasional bad day, but an overwhelming sense of hopelessness, of futile efforts, of working hard and not hitting the proverbial “bar”.

Yeah, wrong bar. 😉  That comes later.

My friends, things are never, EVER going to be perfect.  Life is one big GAME.  The Game of Life….and no, I’m not talking about rolling the dice, and sticking pink and blue stick figures into a plastic car.

Listen, we all have “stuff”.   Bills, health issues, family squabbles, work stress.  They say that the only guarantees in life are death, and taxes.  Well my friend, that is not 100% accurate.  It is a guarantee that life will not always go your way.  It is a guarantee that people you love and trusted will, at some point, let you down.  It is a guarantee that no matter how respectful and nice you are to that customer, they will not all be receptive.  It is a guarantee that even though you pay them, the bills keep coming in.  This is my advice to you……as your unofficial therapist and self-help guru.

Think about a baseball field.  Smell the green, freshly cut grass.  There you are, standing at home plate, knees bent, arms raised.  Every stress, every problem, every bill, every disappointment… a baseball, and they are being lobbed at you, one at a time.

Do you just stop playing the game, and walk off the field?  Heck no!  This is a home run derby, baby.  You can’t stop them from coming, but keep your eye on the ball, and hit ’em out of the park.  One after one….just take them as they come.  Whether you stress and worry, or not….the end result will be exactly the same.  Breathe.  I am not a believer in the “everyone gets a ribbon for participating” mentality, but I am a believer in trying, trying, trying your best to smack that ball over the right field wall.  Leaving the game doesn’t stop the game… goes on, but the odds are stacked against you winning if you quit.  What matters are the people on your team, and I am your biggest cheerleader.


About Diana F

California girl who never imagines she would decide to start her life all over again at this stage of her life but I just know it's going to be epic.
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One Response to The Game of Life

  1. Brenda Baker says:

    Be sure to DVR FInding Sarah on OWN, starting this Sunday night. I think some of things she has learned will help others of us searching for our identities and self worth. She is just starting to figure out, at age 50, how to like herself and understand her self destructive behaviours. It’s NEVER too late to change your thinking. I liken you to her in a lot of ways, Lady D. Brave and generous.

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