I gotta lay off …. something :)

The other day, Kaitlin and I were lounging on the beach (yeah I know, so weird of us to be anywhere near water).  She was madly texting her boyfriend during his break at work, and she says “Matty wants us to come in and get a bagel”.  Matt works at Einstein Bros Bagels.  It’s like……11:30am……a bagel, really?   “Why?” I ask, which was really just a time filling question.  I know darn well why.  He wants to see her.  Duh.  “I don’t know….he wants us to” she says.

<sigh>  “Give me a little bit and we’ll drop in.”

Matt works 4 freeway exits from our house and from the beach. It’s not that far, and a bagel is cheap, and we haven’t had lunch…….(this is my brain talking to me btw)……and I probably shouldn’t sit out here too much longer anyway.  12:30pm, and I announce that I am finally allowing us to leave, and head to Einsteins.  We throw on clothes over our suits, we get our towels and head up to my car.

This will be my first trip ever to an Einstein Bros Bagel place.  I’ve had their bagels at work before, but have never gone to an actual “place”.  Matt sees us walk in and greets us VERY PROFESSIONALLY  (this statement is provided solely in the event anyone in management at Einsteins is reading my blog) and asks us what we would like to order.  Kaitlin already knows she wants a spicy nacho bagel with extra cream cheese.  She’s done this before…..I see.  I glance up at the menu.  I am really hungry now.  “400 calorie sandwich” jumps out at me from the menu.  Can it be?   A BLT w/avocado for 400 calories?  Turkey bacon, of course, but who cares? I am in!

The girl who takes my order tells me that the sandwich comes with chips or potato salad.  I opt for the salad and we head to the register to pay.

Matt graciously delivers our food to our table, and gets us napkins.  Do they do this at all Einstein Bros, or is it just cuz we are special 😉  I am thinking it’s because we are special, and he is dating my daughter, so when Mom is happy….you know.   PLUS Matt is a wonderful guy anyway……of course. 😉   Kaitlin dives into her bagel….and I start to eat my sammich.  I am half way through it and I lean over and whisper to Kate, “Hey, where is the B?”

“What B?” she replies. “Exactly!”  There was no bacon on my sandwich.  I slide up to the counter and lean over to Matt.  I whisper “Hey Matt, there was no bacon on my sandwich”.

“Oh God!   Alright….sorry….regular or turkey bacon?”  he says.   “Turkey of course….I want the 400 calorie experience dude.”  Matt brings me out the bacon and my sandwich tastes much better after that.   Whew.  Crisis diverted.  I highly recommend it, in case you were wondering.  No guilt sandwich.

Two days later, we are sitting at home.  It’s evening.  Kaitlin and I are alone, watching something on TV….I was folding clothes and she was on her laptop.

“Hey!!!!” I shout.   “I didn’t get my potato salad!”

We die laughing….two days later…..oh blonde woman (shut up)…….I think maybe I need to lay off something.  It’s like I’m “high” but I’m not.


About Diana F

California girl who never imagines she would decide to start her life all over again at this stage of her life but I just know it's going to be epic.
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2 Responses to I gotta lay off …. something :)

  1. Brenda Baker says:

    SO FUNNY! That is how it’s 400 calories. They leave off all the fattening stuff and dare you to come and ask for it. OMH I am laughing so hard right now.

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