All Done!

Kids are so wonderful.  There is never an agenda.  No false pretensions.  With a child, what you see is what you get.

I was chatting with one of my friends last week.  He and his wife have a very young son who is learning his words, and who finds delight in the simplest things.  I will call my friend Stan*, and I will call his wife Stella*.

So Stan and I are having this conversation, and he tells me that Billy* is doing this thing now where, when he gets all done eating, he raises his arms over his head and yells “All Done!”, waiving his little jazz hands.  🙂   Precious, right?  Yeah, adorable. I can just picture it.

I say to Stan, “Hey you know what you should do?”

“What?” says Stan.

“The next time you and Stella are doing it, when you are finished, you should stand up, raise your arms, wave your hands and yell ‘All Done!’.”  I laugh.  He laughs.  We part ways.

Today, Stan says hi to me and then says, “Hey, remember what we talked about last week?”

“Um, no….what?”, I reply.

“You know.  That thing.”, he says.

I sit there for a second and it dawns on me.

“Oh yeah!!! Did ya do it?”, I ask, smiling broadly.

“Haha, I sure did!  It was awesome!”

“Was she pissed, or did she laugh?” I ask.

“Oh no, she laughed”, he smiled.

Ah yes. My work here is done. 😉

* Disclaimer. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.  The picture depicted is not that of the real baby. In fact, I’m not even sure I actually wrote this.


About Diana F

California girl who never imagines she would decide to start her life all over again at this stage of her life but I just know it's going to be epic.
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