I was driving home from work,  mesmerized by the setting sun, the cloud patterns across the evening sky and the red tail lights in front of me. I started thinking about Christmas.  After all, this would be the first Christmas in the new place, and my first of hopefully many Christmas holidays with Rick.

What was he expecting, and what am I?  Neither of us are rich people. Do we get gifts?  If so, do we set a dollar amount that we shouldn’t exceed? Should we make stuff?  My head was spinning, going over scenarios in my head.  What if one of us does more than the other….will the other be hurt?

I was so busy contemplating that I drove right past my freeway exit. Damn!  I zipped home and called Rick to discuss what was on my mind, like all good girlfriends do. 🙂

You know, the only thing I ever wanted or needed I already had… Brian and Kaitlin.  I still have the Christmas tree clay trivet Brian made me in 1st grade, and the plastic plate that Kaitlin painted in kindergarten to put Santa’s cookies on.  Now that they are grown up with loves of their own, it was pretty bare underneath my tree, even when it was covered with wrapped and labeled gifts. 😦  After talking to Rick, I realized I wasn’t focusing on what really, really matters.  In his words, “I already have what I want”.  Each other.

So this year, my tree runneth over.  We will still give each other a little something to show our love traditionally, but what I can’t wait for is decorating the tree, being in front of the fire, looking at Christmas lights, taking Rick’s Mom to church, visiting my parents, spending time with my kids, baking up a storm, and feeling incredibly loved.  Oh, and paying more attention when I drive. 😉


About Diana F

California girl who never imagines she would decide to start her life all over again at this stage of her life but I just know it's going to be epic.
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4 Responses to Christmas

  1. rick says:

    Now your getting it dear! The greatest gifts can’t be bought or wrapped up and put under the tree. To me EVERY day is Christmas if you are in it.

  2. Diana B says:

    I’m definitely getting it. I love you Rick.

  3. auntzonablog says:

    Dear girl, I love hearing what’s in your beautiful head. Thanks for sharing!

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