My Blonde Teenage Daughter

Back in the day, I used to write little blogs about my blonde teenage daughter Kaitlin (aka Kate, Katie).   Things would just happen, and she would inspire me to write down her little tidbits of wonder.  I decided to revisit some of the more cherished moments, here now condensed into one post for your reading enjoyment. 😉

Telling me about a grade she received in Public Speaking:

“Mom, it is so cool…I got a really good grade on my discussion!!”  “What did you get?” I ask. “I got a B-, but it’s the same as an A.”


Reading something I asked her to read:

“There are too many big words, geez!  I mean I know them….I just don’t want to have to read them.”


Kate and I are walking down the street to go pick up my car.  I had met her outside of her school and we are talking.

“Oh hey, Mom….do you want to know the title I decided on for my science fair project?” she asks.

“Sure, what is it?”

“Cleaner skin……..”……

Kate looks up at the sky, thinking…..then slowly looks down, turning her hand over at the same time.

“….helps you win.”    “Cleaner skin helps you win”.

She had written the title on her hand.  All five words.  Five words.  She could only remember two of them…..without looking at her hand.


Standing in line at Home Depot…

Katie and her friend Katherine are with me.I take out my ATM Debit card to get ready to pay once the line moves up.  Katherine says, “Can you pay with a card in this line?”Oh no, did I get in a cash only line? I look up and above the checkout, a  big sign says ‘CASH REGISTER HERE’.

Good Lord.


I am sitting in Rite Aid, waiting for an Rx to be filled.  Teenager Katie is sitting in the chair that has the black massager attached to it.  It’s a demo model.

She has been gone for the past two days at a friend’s house.  She has that “sleepover without much sleep” appearance.

She turns her head towards me in a “Chucky” doll-like manner and says, “I had a burrito for breakfast”.

I stare blankly back at her, wondering where she pulled that thought from.  She elaborates further, still in a daze, eyes widely staring at me.

“The bean and cheese burritos in the freezer don’t have any cheese in them.”  She says this very soft-spoken and deliberate.  She turns back around slowly.

The kid scares me sometimes.

Katie begins to tell me about playing video games with her friends last night.

“It was fun.  I played then Katherine played then her brother played and then I played and then Katherine played and then her brother played and then I played and then well… was like we were going in a circle!”

I stare blankly at her.  Where is that prescription!!!????


This is the scene……Mom (me) sitting in chair…..Daughter and her friend on the sofa……girls eating and watching TV.

Mom – “Kate, go upstairs and closed the windows please”

Daughter – “I will in a minute”

Mom begins to count…..”1,2,3,4,5……” – with every intention of counting the full 60 seconds.

Daughter looks at the clock….it is 2:59pm.

Daughter ‘ “Gosh Mom, why don’t you just tell me when it’s 2:60?”

Mom stares blankly at daughter…..waiting for her friend to tell her there is no 2:60pm……..


“The front yard was full of bees so I couldn’t make it to the front door to come in the house and wash them.  I was afraid I would get stung.  We couldn’t even eat…..the lady down the street had to feed us.”

This was the excuse given by my 13-year-old daughter as to why her dirty dishes were left out one afternoon during spring break while she was down the street hanging out with friends.


Katie was home sick yesterday.  I am at work.  My work line rings….

“This is Diana.  I can help you”

“Mom?”  (who else would it be)….

“Yeah Kate”, I say.

“I am watching this make-over show?”

“Yeah?” I say.

“Well, they already cut this girls hair, and she is still ugly.  I don’t know how in the world they are going to make her NOT be ugly.”

I love that kid.

Entry in my daughter’s journal….

“Someone in class today called me stupendous.  I didn’t know what that meant, but it sounded like they were saying I was stupid so I just pretended not to hear


Kate: <staring at the news this morning but not watching it, or listening to it…just staring at it>
Me: Isn’t that awful?
Kate:  What?
Me: What happened in London.
Kate: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Me: You were just watching it on the news.
Kate: I wasn’t watching anything <still staring at the screen….granted, she had just awakened 5 minutes earlier>
Me: Lovely, Kate
Kate: No really, what happened?
Me: Terrorists struck again. Like 911, but not as huge.  They bombed the subways in London.
Kate:  They bombed Subways?  Oh my gosh, that’s horrible…they make great sandwiches.
Ah that was fun.   Memories.

About Diana F

California girl who never imagines she would decide to start her life all over again at this stage of her life but I just know it's going to be epic.
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One Response to My Blonde Teenage Daughter

  1. Grace says:

    2:60!!!! love the stories Diana! hope Kaitlin doesn’t mind you sharing these. I’ve been writing down all the funny things Sofia says to me in her baby book. Glad you took the time to write them down, I’m sure they will put a smile to your face reading and remembering them in the future.

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