We all need a good poke now and then……

Yesterday,  a wonderful stranger whom I’ve never met named Jane started following my blog.  I clicked on her profile and glanced at her contribution to the blog world.  I found myself smiling, reading her posts and enjoying the photos she shared about New England and all it’s beauty. 


(this is not one of her photos)

I instantly like Jane!  Through her eyes, I visited quaint, out-of-the-way places I have never been, and her love for New England was infectious.  This started me thinking about my own blog.  It evolved from a jumping off point in the end of a marriage……to a time of growth and self-discovery……a place to share the joy of finding love again……..to a healing place to dump emotions about my Mom’s illness. 

My blog was aways there for me.

I need to get back to her (yes my blog is a she 🙂 )    We all have our creative and therapeutic channels.  Some people work out.  Some people paint.   I write.  I am a writer. 

Thank you for poking me, Jane.  I needed a reminder.


About Diana F

California girl who never imagines she would decide to start her life all over again at this stage of her life but I just know it's going to be epic.
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One Response to We all need a good poke now and then……

  1. Jane says:

    You. made. my. day. Perhaps my month! I feel famous now. I felt so connected when I read your posts….I’ve had similar experiences with the loss of a loved one, in my case my grandmother. At her funeral a mockingbird showed up and sang its heart out through the graveside service. It made several appearances over the years. Looking forward to reading more posts!

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