There are times in life…..

…..when it’s ok to be a bit indulgent.  When it’s ok to want what you want.  Right?


Less than 3 months until my one and only daughter marries her super sweet high school sweetheart.  The planning has gone relatively smooth up to this point.  Now that we are down to the wire, here comes the tension.  We no longer have the luxury of time on our side.  That doesn’t help.  To top it off, our kids were not blessed with parents named Trump or Buffet.  So what to focus on other than the impending monetary pain we are all feeling?


  • Our kids genuinely love and support each other.  A parents dream.  It’s what we all want for ourselves and what we pray for when it comes to our kids. They found it!
  • I got married super young.  I was at the mercy of my Mom’s choice of color palette. She held the checkbook. I don’t remember choosing anything other than matchbooks that read “a perfect match”. Hmmm. Maybe I am not the best at deciding stuff. 🙂  Even with a limited income, it’s nice to see Matt and Kaitlin making decisions and making choices that mean something to them for their big day.  Their one and only day. 
  • The kids could have stayed in Oregon and eloped.  They wanted to be here with their families.  THAT is priceless.  And I never wanted to see my daughter standing in jeans and a sweater with an artificial bouquet, saying I do.  She’s had times of “I want this!” but so what?  She has every intention of staying married her entire life to Matty.  No regrets.  This is their time to say what they want.  It doesn’t mean we can make it happen, but I definitely do not fault them for being vocal about it. 
  • Money.  $$$.  Our kids have not asked to book the Hotel Del.  They have not asked for a large reception with a $2000 wedding cake, ice sculptures, and Earth, Wind & Fire playing.  We are finding things to be more expensive than we thought.  Absolutely.  We have had sticker shock on more than one occasion.  I have had “reality check/come to Jesus” conversations with my daughter more than once when I felt things were getting off track with their requests.  Bottom line.  It’s not 1985 anymore.  Crap costs money. 


We raise our kids the best that we can.  Whether you are married and co-parenting or a single Mom doing what she can to keep her kids secure and safe, we all do the best that we can.  I, for one, am grateful they did not run off somewhere and leave us out of it.  This is a hard process, but I am sure when this is all over, we will be grateful we stuck it out.  When I see Kaitlin walk out in her gown, and Matthew start to cry, we won’t be focusing on how much the chairs cost.


About Diana F

California girl who never imagines she would decide to start her life all over again at this stage of her life but I just know it's going to be epic.
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