Why I Love My Job

“I gotta hand it to you. I could never do what you do all day, every day.”  People say it to me all the time.  You know what?  They are probably right.

You know why I love my job?  I will tell you why.

In 1999, I was getting a divorce. I hadn’t held a 9-5 job in 4 years.  I was fortunate enough to have some time to stay at home taking care of my kids, my house and what I thought was going to be my life.  Life had other plans. It always does.  Now what?  I had held some great, steady jobs.  I was good with people.  Cox was hiring for customer service people, so I applied.

During my interview, I was told they wanted to hire me, but not for customer service.  They wanted me for technical support.  “I don’t know anything about it.”, I replied. “That’s ok.  We’ll train you.  You can teach anyone something technical but you can’t teach how to treat people.”  Seriously? Ok.


Technical Support it was.  Cox took me in.  They trained me. They paid me while they trained me (can I get an amen?).  From cable TV, with digital being the “new thing”, to telephone support, and then on to high speed internet, I absorbed anything they wanted to teach me. Throw in HD, cablecards, switched digital video, DVR’s, wireless support, broadband telephone test desk and now Cox has Home Security…..I grew along with my company, and along with that grew my loyalty.

I have had my moments.  I called them my learning moments.  Times where the customer on the other end of the call was so belligerent that I sat at my desk, shaking.  Calls where the screaming was impenetrable.  I would literally have to offer to call my customer back because I was afraid they were going to stroke out.   I am not perfect.  That is an unrealistic expectation.

With that said, I dived head-first into being a Specialist….a Supervisor…..THE Customer Advocate.  It fits. It is what I love. It is what drives me to get out of bed on a work day.  I appreciate the sunrise. I sing in the car.  I have my coffee, and I get to work.  I love the company that continues to change.  I love the company that invests in me, and I love the company that empowers me to create a happy experience for another person every day that I show up.


That’s my mantra.  Do you love your work or do you just love your paycheck?  If the answer is your paycheck, you may want to rethink sitting by me.   People who act like they are owed something for showing up to work drive me nuts.   There is no sense of entitlement when you swipe your badge and the door opens.  I am not paid to talk down to customers, to argue, to talk over them, or take what they say personally.  I mean, they really don’t know me right?  Just breathe and let it go.  People yell, want what they want, and are often irrational.


THIS is why I love my job…….

Give me someone at their worst.  Give me someone with a story….who has other “life” going on and now this is just icing on the cake for them.  They don’t trust us.  Give them to me.  Listen. Empathize. ASK.  People want to be cared about.  I need to have people to care about.  I realized this about myself a long time ago.  Talk to me, and let’s get this fixed today. It stops with me. Trust me.  And there you have it.  One at a time…..I am slowly but surely making people’s day better.  I get to be that guy.  Every day.  ME. THAT GUY.

Thank you 🙂




About Diana F

California girl who never imagines she would decide to start her life all over again at this stage of her life but I just know it's going to be epic.
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One Response to Why I Love My Job

  1. Debbie house says:

    you are an amazing person and even more amazing coworker!

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